Changing my Break Pads

September 28, 2016  |  Family

This week Rog decided that it would be a great idea to replace the break pads on his own Honda Civic. He told me if someone can do it on YouTube how hard can it really be. He also pointed out that the money we would save would be amazing and I could buy a nice new out fit instead. Boy were we ever wrong. Maybe we aren’t car people but we found changing the break pads on our car was a lot more difficult then I was led to believe.

The first major issue we faced is that neither of us felt particularly safe in the idea a small jack would properly hold up our car while changing the break pads. But in the end we were actually wrong and it did a great job. So after a few hours we were able to get each tire up and replace the break pad from something we ordered on amazon. Not only did it save us a bunch of money but I think next time we change the break pads we will move a lot faster. So while this first time was much more difficult I’m willing to bet the next will be easier and then the next after that will be even easier.

If you are interested in changing your break pads like Rog and I; check out this How to change your break pads article. It lists everything you need and provides detailed step by step directions.